Samsung C32HG70QQU LED display 80 cm (31.5") Quad HD Curved Blue,Grey

Skærmdiagonal:80 cm (31.5")
Display lysstyrke (typisk):350 cd/m²
Skærmopløsning:2560 x 1440 pixel
Native formatforhold:16:9
Responstid:1 ms
3D- kompatibilitet:Nej
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Skærmdiagonal:80 cm (31.5")
Display lysstyrke (typisk):350 cd/m²
Skærmopløsning:2560 x 1440 pixel
Native formatforhold:16:9
Responstid:1 ms
3D- kompatibilitet:Nej
HD type:Quad HD
Skærm facon:Kurvet
Understøttede grafikopløsninger:2560 x 1440
Kontrastforhold (normal):3000:1
Maksimal opdateringshastighed:144 Hz
Betragtningsvinkel (vandret):178°
Betragtningsvinkel (lodret):178°
Vis antal farver:1.073 milliarder farver
Understøttede videofunktioner:1440p
Dynamisk kontrast ratio markedsføringsnavn:Mega kontrast
Display lysstyrke (højeste):600 cd/m²
Diagonal skærmstørrelse (metrisk):80 cm
Synlig størrelse, vandret:69,7 cm
Synlig størrelse, lodret:39,2 cm
Vis sRGB:Ja
sRGB dækning (typisk):125%
sRGB dækning (min.):120%
Adobe RGB dækning:92%
Farve gamut:88%
Quantum dot color teknologi:Ja
HDR understøttet:Ja
Vis lysstyrke (min.):300 cd/m²
AMD FreeSync:Ja
Flimmerfri teknologi:Ja
Indbyggede højttaler(e):Nej
Indbygget kamera:Nej
TV-tuner, integreret:Nej
Farve på produkt:Blå, Grå
Aftagelig stativ:Ja
Porte & Grænseflader
Indbygget USB-hub:Ja
DisplayPort, antal:1
Udgang hovedtelefoner:Ja
Antal upstream port:1
HDMI porte, antal:2
Hovedtelefon udgange:1
Hovedtelefoner, forbindelse:3,5 mm
VESA montering:Ja
Indbygget on/off-knap:Ja
Højdejustering:14,5 cm
Pivot vinkel:-2 - 92°
Drejefod:-15 - 15°
Hældninginterval:-5 - 15°
Plug and play:Ja
Tilpasset tastefunktion:Ja
Sort eQualizer funktion:Ja
LED indikatorer:Ja
Årligt energiforbrug:93 kWh
Strømforbrug (normal):64 W
Strømforbrug (maks.):78 W
Strømforbrug (off):0,3 W
Strømforbrug (DPMS):0,5 W
AC indgangsspænding:100 - 240 V
Driftstemperatur (T-T):10 - 40 °C
Relativ luftfugtighed (H-H):10 - 80%
Vægt & størrelser
Bredde:724,1 mm
Dybde:115,6 mm
Højde:424,5 mm
Vægt:8 kg
Angiv bredde (med stander):724,1 mm
Dybde (med stander):380,6 mm
Højde (med stander):621,8 mm
Vægt (med stativ):9,6 kg
Kabler inkluderet:Strøm, DisplayPort, HDMI
Strømkabellængde:1,5 m
Hurtigstart vejledning:Ja
Brugervejledning på CD-ROM:Ja
Bredde (emballage):813 mm
Dybde (emballage):513 mm
Højde (emballage):400 mm
Pakkevægt:14,2 kg
Andre funktioner
Ingen blinken:Ja
Samsung Eye sparetilstand:Ja
Samsung C32HG70QQU. Skærmdiagonal: 80 cm (31.5"), Skærmopløsning: 2560 x 1440 pixel, HD type: Quad HD, Skærmteknologi: LED, Responstid: 1 ms, Native formatforhold: 16:9, Betragtningsvinkel (vandret): 178°, Betragtningsvinkel (lodret): 178°. Indbygget USB-hub. VESA montering, Højdejustering. Farve på produkt: Blå, Grå

A new reality, in perfect detail.
Add the ultimate visual experience to your gaming machine with the world†s first QLED gaming monitor—an innovative blend of HDR and Samsung’s new metal quantum dot technology.

Colours redefined as never before
New Metal Quantum dot

Samsung QLED delivers purer, brighter, and more lifelike colours—especially reds and greens—than conventional monitors. And Samsung’s new Metal QD technology ensures longer-lasting, more natural colours, whether you’re gaming or working in applications where colour accuracy is critical.

Blackened blacks, brightened lights
High Dynamic Range

The CHG70 QLED gaming monitor is the first of its kind coming with HDR support that delivers a greater range of luminance levels. It renders dark areas darker and bright areas brighter in such ways that images appear in as much detail as the game developers intended.

Curved and super-fast
1ms response time (MPRT)

Blending its advanced motion blur reduction technology with its superior VA panel, Samsung has created this curved monitor with a super-fast 1ms MPRT (motion picture response time) that lets you enjoy unprecedented gaming performance without motion blur across the entire screen.

Dazzling detail in wider view
WQHD Resolution

With a pixel density approximately 1.7 times higher than Full HD, the CHG70 delivers game scenes and characters in captivating detail, giving you a panoramic view of the whole battlefield. You can spot your enemy sneaking up on you from any corner.

Curved to pull you in
1,800R Curvature

Designed to meet your everyday gaming needs, the CHG70 features an industry-leading 1,800R curvature that gives you the feeling of being pulled in and wrapped around in your gaming world, much like the way an IMAX screen immerses the audience into a movie.

Uninterrupted, flaw-free gaming
Refresh rate 144Hz

The rapid 144Hz screen refresh rate minimises image lag and motion blur for smooth gaming, while user-friendly 60Hz/120Hz settings let you optimise monitor performance, on-screen display, without having to it each time in the display setting menu.

Pour light on the thrill of gaming
Arena Lighting

The CHG70’s Arena Lighting projects a pulsating lightshow on to a wall behind the monitor, adding extra atmosphere to your gameplay.

Get the real gaming vibes
OSD dashboard

With Samsung’s OSD dashboard menu optimally tailored for gamers, you can have a full view of key game settings at a glance and use shortcut keys to change the settings the way you want them. Set this Good Design Award winner and splash straightaway into the game.

Optimised for any game genre
Multiple Game Modes

Developed in concert with the Samsung Galaxy Team, the semi-final winner in the LOL World Championship 2016, the CHG70’s factory-calibrated game display modes instantly optimise black gamma levels, contrast ratios, sharpness and colour value settings for any game genre, be it FPS, RTS, RPG, or AOS.

Rule the game with higher visibility
3000:1 contrast ratio

Samsung’s advanced VA panel technology minimises light leakage across the entire screen, and delivers a best-in-class 3000:1 contrast ratio for deep blacks and brilliant whites in even the darkest and brightest scenes.

Smoother, gameplay
Low Input Lag Mode

The CHG70’s input lag is so low that no sooner you turn it on you will see the action appearing onscreen, giving you full control of your game in no time.

Precise, firm positioning
Dual-hinged stand

The strong dual-hinge stand, designed for the most demanding gaming, gives you precise control over how you position the display panel—for the winning edge in any onscreen contest. It also shows off the gamer-friendly design and provides a convenient place to hang your headphones when not in us.

Play on with minimal eyestrain
Flicker Free

Samsung’s Flicker Free technology dramatically reduces distracting screen flicker to let you play for longer in greater comfort

Multiple ports at work
The CHG70 has a DisplayPort and 2 HDMI ports, providing a multiple connection interface that lets you hook up PCs, game consoles, additional monitors, and other devices with ease, all to meet your multitasking needs.
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