Neomounts CL25-540BL1 mounting kit - for projector - black

SKU CL25-540BL1
Produktbeskrivelse:Neomounts CL25-540BL1 monteringssæt - for projektor - sort
Monteringskomponenter:Til loftmontering
Dimensioner (B x D x H):47 cm
Justerbar højde:60.5-90.5 cm
Hældning:-20° til 20°
Rotation:-180° til 180°
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Bredde:47 cm
Justerbar højde:60.5-90.5 cm
Monteringskomponenter:Til loftmontering
Anbefalet brug:Projektor
Kabeladministration:Integreret kabeladministration
Hældning:-20° til 20°
Rotation:-180° til 180°
Drejemekanisme:-8° til 8°
Justeringer:Højde, hæld, dreje, rotation
Maks. byrdevægt:35 kg
Dimensioner & vægt detaljer
Dimensioner:Loftsplade - bredde: 21.1 cm, dybde: 8.5 cm
Service & Support:Begrænset garanti - 5 år
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The Neomounts CL25-540BL1 is a universal projector ceiling mount. Because of the high weight capacity up to 35kg and the various adjustment options, this projector ceiling mount is widely applicable. The CL25-540BL1 has four extendable arms and the versatile tilt (+20°, -20°), rotate (360°) and swivel (+8°, -8°) technology, provides optimal placement of the projection on any canvas, screen or wall. The support is also adjustable in height from 60.5 to 90.5cm. The Neomounts CL25-540BL1 is equipped with an easy-release system, which highly eases installation; (de)installation of the projector to the projector mount can be done in an instant and by only one person. In addition, the round pole allows easy installation to a suspended ceiling. Finally, the pole of the Neomounts projector mount can be tilted on the ceiling side, so that installation against a sloped ceiling is effortless. The fixation of the mount itself is sturdy and firm, therefore vibration free. The cable management system of the CL25-540BL1 ensures the cables are neatly concealed, because they are routed through the pole of the projector ceiling mount.

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