Multibrackets M Pro HD Series - mounting kit - heavy-duty - for projector - 2350 mm, 40 kg - black

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Produktbeskrivelse:Multibrackets M Pro HD Series - monteringssæt - robust - for projektor - 2350 mm, 40 kg - sort
Produkttype:Monteringssæt (robust)
Monteringskomponenter:Til loftmontering
Dimensioner (B x D x H):25 cm x 25 cm x 235 cm
Hældning:-5° til 5°
Rul:-5° til 5°
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Bredde:25 cm
Dybde:25 cm
Højde:235 cm
Vægt:8.5 kg
Monteringskomponenter:Til loftmontering
Anbefalet brug:Projektor
Kabeladministration:Integreret kabeladministration
Hældning:-5° til 5°
Rul:-5° til 5°
Justeringer:Rul, hæld, rotation
Maks. byrdevægt:40 kg
Service & Support:Begrænset garanti - 5 år
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A series of innovative projector HD-mounts with fine tune adjustment possibilities for projectors up to 40 kg.
The M Projector Mount Pro HD with a smart fine tune adjustment possibility giving you easy placement of your projector best setting possible. You can orient and incline according to the ingenious fine tune adjustments, alignment with 3-axis angle, X, Y and Z. The model features integrated cable-management, fine tune adjustment, once the projector is in place. This projector mount has a minimum of surface area to the projector good for not trapping heat close to your projector thus not cutting your projector lamps lifetime.
The built in fine tune adjustment technology provides a more simplified positioning. That way you can be sure to get a well-balanced position for your projector after installing it. This does not only save installation time but also make room for possible changes of what projector is being used or how your projection screen is positioned, perfect if you anticipate changing projectors in the future. The arms holding the projector are articulated and telescopic to adopt most projector models.

De tekniske detaljer kommer fra 3. part. edgemo tager forbehold for fejl.