Intel Xeon Platinum 8461V / 2.2 GHz processor - OEM

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Produktbeskrivelse:Intel Xeon Platinum 8461V / 2.2 GHz Processor - OEM
Processortype:Intel Xeon Platinum 8461V (4. Gen)
Antal kerner:48-kerne / 96 tråde
Cache:97.5 MB
Kompatibel Processor Tilslutning:FCLGA4677 Socket
Antal processorer:1
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Type / Model:Intel Xeon Platinum 8461V (4. Gen)
Antal kerner:48-kerne
Antal tråde:96 tråde
Cache:97.5 MB
Detaljer for cache-hukommelse:Smart Cache - 97.5 MB
Antal processorer:1
Clock-frekvens:2.2 GHz
Max Turbo Speed:3.7 GHz
Kompatibel Processor Tilslutning:FCLGA4677 Socket
Termisk designeffekt:300 W
Termisk specifikation:77 °C
PCI Express-revision:5.0
Antal PCI Express-spor:80
DesignEgenskaber:Hyper-Threading teknologi, Execute Disable Bit funktion, Intel Virtualization Technology, Intel 64 Technology, Intel Trusted Execution Technology, Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, Intel AES New Instructions (AES-NI), Intel TSX-NI, Intel QuickAssist Technology, Intel OS Guard, Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX), Intel Speed Shift Technology, Mode-based Execute Control (MBE), Intel Run Sure Technology, Intel Boot Guard, Intel Deep Learning Boost (DL Boost), Intel Resource Director Technology (RDT), Intel Speed Select technology - Performance Profile, Intel Speed Select technology - Base Frequency, Intel Speed Select technology - Core Power, Intel Speed Select technology - Turbo Frequency, Intel Control-Flow Enforcement Technology, Intel Total Memory Encryption, Intel Platform Firmware Resilience Support, Intel Crypto Acceleration, Instruction Set 64-bit, 2,30 GHz højprioritetskerne, 1,90 GHz lavprioritetskerne, 32 lavprioritetskerner, Intel Dynamic Load Balancer (DLB), Intel Data Streaming Accelerator (DSA), Intel QuickAssist Software Acceleration, 128 GB maksimum Enclave Page Cache (EPC) størrelse til Intel SGX, Activating Intel On Demand Feature, 16 højprioritetskerner, Intel In-memory Analytics Accelerator, Intel Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX)
Service & Support:Begrænset garanti - 1 år
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Intel Xeon Platinum processors are the foundation for secure, agile, hybrid-cloud data centers. With uncompromising security and exceptional two, four, and eight+ socket processing performance, these processors are built for mission-critical, real-time analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and multi-cloud workloads. With trusted, hardware-enhanced data service delivery, this processor family delivers monumental leaps in I/O, memory, storage and network technologies to harness actionable insights from increasingly data-fueled world.
  • Pervasive, breakthrough performance enables greater efficiencies and lower TCO
  • Strong, capable platforms for the hybrid-cloud, data-fueled enterprise
  • Breakthrough HPC and high-performance data analytics innovation
  • Next-generation platform for cloud-optimized
  • 5G-ready networks

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