HPE - DDR4 - module - 32 GB - DIMM 288-pin - 2400 MHz / PC4-19200 - registered

SKU 805351-B21
Produktbeskrivelse:HPE - DDR4 - modul - 32 GB - DIMM 288-PIN - 2400 MHz / PC4-19200 - registreret
Kapacitet:32 GB
Hukommelsestype:DDR4 SDRAM - DIMM 288-PIN
Opgraderingstype:System specifikationer
Hastighed:2400 MHz (PC4-19200)
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Kapacitet:32 GB
Opgraderingstype:System specifikationer
Passer til OEM fabrikants delnr.:HP 805351-B21
Type:DRAM hukommelsesmodul
Teknologi:DDR4 SDRAM
Model:DIMM 288-PIN
Hastighed:2400 MHz (PC4-19200)
Søgetids Timinger:CL17 (17-17-17)
Egenskaber:Dual rank, registreret
Organisering af chips:X4
Spænding:1.2 V
Oplysninger om kompatibilitet
Designet for:HPE Apollo 4200 Gen9 for Google, 4520 Gen9 ¦ HPE ProLiant DL120 Gen9, DL120 Gen9 Entry, DL160 Gen9, DL160 Gen9 Base, DL160 Gen9 Entry, DL160 Gen9 Performance, DL180 Gen9, DL180 Gen9 Base, DL180 Gen9 Entry, DL180 Gen9 Storage, DL360 Gen9, DL360 Gen9 Base, DL360 Gen9 CMS, DL360 Gen9 Entry, DL360 Gen9 High Performance, DL360 Gen9 Performance, DL360 Gen9 Special Server, DL380 Gen9, DL380 Gen9 Base, DL380 Gen9 Entry, DL380 Gen9 High Performance, DL380 Gen9 Performance, DL388 Gen9, DL388 Gen9 Base, DL580 Gen9, DL580 Gen9 Database, DL580 Gen9 SAP HANA Scale-out Base Configuration, DL580 Gen9 SAP HANA Scale-up Base Configuration, DL60 Gen9, DL60 Gen9 Base, DL60 Gen9 Entry, DL80 Gen9, DL80 Gen9 Base, DL80 Gen9 Entry, for Microsoft Azure Stack, ML110 Gen9, ML110 Gen9 Base, ML110 Gen9 Entry, ML150 Gen9, ML150 Gen9 Base, ML150 Gen9 Entry, ML150 Gen9 Performance, ML350 Gen9, ML350 Gen9 Base, ML350 Gen9 Entry, ML350 Gen9 Performance, WS460c Gen9, WS460c Gen9 Graphics, WS460c Gen9 Graphics Expansion, XL190r Gen9, XL270d Gen9, XL2x260w ¦ HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen9 Node ¦ HPE StoreEasy 3850 Gateway Single Node ¦ HPE Synergy 480 Gen9 Compute Module, 620 Gen9 2S-EX Base Compute Module, 620 Gen9 2S-EX Compute Module, 620 Gen9 2S-EX Performance Compute Module, 660 Gen9 Base Compute Module, 660 Gen9 Compute Module, 660 Gen9 Entry Compute Module, 660 Gen9 Expanded Storage Compute Module, 660 Gen9 Performance Compute Module, 680 Gen9 4S-EX Base Compute Module, 680 Gen9 4S-EX Performance Compute Module
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When you choose HPE DDR4 SmartMemory you get high quality, reliability, and confidence. The quality and reliability of DRAM are important, as data center trends such as server virtualization, cloud computing, the use of large database applications, have all increased the need for higher capacity memory with greater uptime. And because the memory is authenticated, you can enable extended memory performance features through the system ROM.
  • Lower power consumption
  • Reducing downtime and providing better environmental experience in your data center

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