HPE Aruba User Experience Insight Cloud - subscription licence (1 year) - 1 licence

Produktbeskrivelse:HPE Aruba User Experience Insight Cloud - licensabonnemet (1 år) - 1 licens
Produkttype:Licensabonnemet - 1 år
Kategori:Online & komponentbaserede tjenester - enhedssoftware, adgangskontrol
Installationstype:Hosted - SaaS
Antal licenser:1 licens
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Kategori:Online & komponentbaserede tjenester - enhedssoftware, adgangskontrol
Produkttype:Licensabonnemet - 1 år
Installationstype:Hosted - SaaS
Antal licenser:1 licens
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Aruba User Experience Insight (UXI) is a cloud-based service assurance solution that validates network health and troubleshoots problems that affect day-to-day user experience. Ideal for campus and branch environments alike, UXI assumes the role of an end-user, evaluating the performance, connectivity, and responsiveness of network infrastructure as well as internal and external services such as corporate ERM or Office365 applications. This outside-in perspective is presented through a simple, intuitive dashboard that provides a proactive way to solve problems before they impact the business. UXI is easy to configure, deploy and manage, and immediately begins providing insights once sites are online.
  • Intuitive, simple-to-use dashboard with end-to-end visibility over performance and health
  • AI-based alerts that bring attention to the most critical events
  • Automated user and application experience monitoring through synthetic testing
  • Metrics available for wired, wireless, and cloud application connectivity
  • Simplified deployment and backup connectivity with built-in cellular connectivity
  • Multivendor support enables testing for any Aruba or third-party network environment
  • Integration with third-party applications like ServiceNow and Slack via Webhooks

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