DICOTA Anti-glare Filter - screen protector for mobile phone

SKU D31459
Produktbeskrivelse:DICOTA Anti-glare Filter - skærmbeskytter for mobiltelefon
Produkttype:Skærmbeskytter - film
Beregnet til:Mobiltelefon
Dimensioner (B x D x H):6.9 cm 14.95 cm
Tykkelse:1 mm
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Produkttype:Skærmbeskytter - film
Beregnet til:Mobiltelefon
Bredde:6.9 cm
Højde:14.95 cm
Vægt:2 g
Tykkelse:1 mm
Service & Support:2 års garanti
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Designet for:Apple iPhone 8 Plus
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The DICOTA screen protector takes care of various tasks: it protects the screen against scratches, reduces annoying fingerprint marks and is easy to attach. In addition, the high-resolution screen becomes anti-reflective, ensuring clear visibility. The screen protector is your first choice.
The screen protectors from DICOTA are manufactured using excellent precision machines and are accurately cut to the appropriate size. The perfect fit is guaranteed. The protector is very easy to attach. It attaches to the screen in seconds and starts working immediately. No more scratches, fewer annoying fingerprint marks and high anti-reflective function for your tablet. The film can be removed easily without leaving any residues at any time.
  • High color fidelity
  • Clear view at all times
  • Reduction of reflections
  • Reduction of fingerprint marks
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Attaches easily without forming bubbles
  • No residue when removed

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