ASUS TUF-GAMING-750B - power supply - 750 Watt

Produktbeskrivelse:ASUS TUF-GAMING-750B - strømforsyning - 750 Watt
Enhedstype:Strømforsyning - intern
Specifikationsoverensstemmelse:ATX12V / EPS12V
80 PLUS certificering:80 PLUS Bronze
Vægt:2.18 kg
Indgangspænding:AC 100-240 V
Udgangspænding:+3.3, +5, ±12 V
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Enhedstype:Strømforsyning - intern
Specifikationsoverensstemmelse:ATX12V / EPS12V
PSU formfaktor:ATX
Indgangspænding:AC 100-240 V
Detaljer om strømudgangskonnektorer:1 x strøm 24 pin ATX med aftagelig 4 pin sektion ¦ 2 x strøm 8 pin EPS12 V med aftagelig 4 pin ATX12V sektion ¦ 4 x 8 pin PCI Express-strøm med aftagelig 2 pin sektion ¦ 8 x 15 pin Serial ATA strøm ¦ 4 x 4-PIN intern strøm
Udgangspænding:+3.3, +5, ±12 V
Strømkapacitet:750 Watt
Output Current:+3.3V - 25 A ¦ +5V - 25 A ¦ +12V - 62 A ¦ -12V - 0.8 A ¦ +5VSB - 3 A
80 PLUS certificering:80 PLUS Bronze
Udstyr inkluderet:TUF Gaming-mærkat
Egenskaber:Beskyttelse mod overophedning, beskyttelse mod overstrøm, overspændingsbeskyttelse, overbelastningsbeskyttelse, beskyttelse mod underspænding, kortslutnings beskyttelse, køleblæser med dobbelt kugleleje, ikke-modulær, Axial-tech blæserdesign, 0db Technology
Service & Support:Begrænset garanti - 6 år
Mål og vægt
Bredde:15 cm
Dybde:15 cm
Højde:8.6 cm
Vægt:2.18 kg
Mål & vægt (forsendelse)
Vægt ved forsendelse:2.87 kg
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TUF Gaming series PSUs bring military-grade components and a robust cooling solution together to create a power platform you can depend on. High-quality capacitors and chokes undergo a myriad of tests, including extreme temperatures and vibration tests, to ensure they meet rigorous military specifications. An Axial-tech fan with a dual ball fan bearing design offers more longevity than other fan types, increasing the overall lifespan of the product. It's the perfect PSU to slot into a TUF Gaming rig or any DIY build designed to power through AAA games for years to come.
  • Capacitors and chokes pass demanding tests to achieve Military-grade Certification
  • Dual ball fan bearings can last up to twice as long as sleeve bearing designs
  • A protective PCB coating protects against moisture, dust, and extreme temperatures
  • An 80 Plus Bronze Certification is earned with high-quality components that pass rigorous testing
  • Axial-tech fan design features a smaller fan hub that facilitates longer blades and a barrier ring that increases downward air pressure
  • 0dB technology lets you enjoy light gaming in relative silence
  • Sleeved cables leave your rig looking tactically clean
  • 80 cm 8-pin CPU connector (EPS 12V)

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