ASUS TUF B450M-PLUS GAMING - motherboard - micro ATX - Socket AM4 - AMD B450

Produktbeskrivelse:ASUS TUF B450M-PLUS GAMING - bundkort - micro-ATX - Socket AM4 - AMD B450
Produkttype:Bundkort - micro-ATX
Chipsættype:AMD B450
Processor-socket:1 x Socket AM4
Kompatible processorer:Ryzen (understøtter 1. og 2. generation Ryzen/Ryzen med Radeon Vega Graphics)
Max RAM-størrelse:64 GB
RAM understøttet:4 DIMM åbninger - DDR4, ECC, ikke bufferet
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Produkttype:Bundkort - micro-ATX
Chipsættype:AMD B450
Processor-socket:Socket AM4
Max antal processorer:1
Kompatible processorer:Ryzen (understøtter 1. og 2. generation Ryzen/Ryzen med Radeon Vega Graphics)
Understøttet RAM
Maks. størrelse:64 GB
Bus Clock:2400 MHz, 2133 MHz, 2666 MHz, 2800 MHz (O.C.), 3000 MHz (O.C.), 3200 MHz (O.C.)
Understøttet RAM-integritetskon:ECC
Registreret eller buffer:Ikke bufferet
Egenskaber:Dobbelt kanal hukommelses arkitektur
Type:HD Audio (8-kanaler)
Audio codec:Realtek ALC887-VD2
Overensstemmelsesstandarder:High Definition Audio, DTS Custom
Netværk controller:Realtek RTL8111H
Netværks interfaces:Gigabit Ethernet
Ekspansion / Konnektivitet
Ekspansionsåbninger:1 x CPU ¦ 4 x DIMM 288-pins ¦ 1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 (x16 tilstand (med 1. og 2. generation Ryzen CPU); x8 tilstand (med Ryzen med Radeon Vega Graphics)) ¦ 1 x PCIe 2.0 x1 ¦ 1 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (x4-modus)
Grænseflade (lagring):SATA-600 -stikforbindelser: 6 x 7-pin Seriel ATA - RAID 0 / RAID 1 / RAID 10 ¦ SATA-600 / PCIe 3.0 -stikforbindelser: 1 x M.2
Interface:1 x LAN (Gigabit Ethernet) ¦ 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 ¦ 1 x PS/2-tastatur/mus ¦ 1 x audio linje-ind - mini-jack ¦ 1 x audio linje-ud - mini-jack ¦ 1 x mikrofon - mini-jack ¦ 2 x USB 2.0 ¦ 1 x DVI-D ¦ 1 x HDMI ¦ 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 ¦ 1 x USB-C Gen1
Interne interfaces:4 x USB 2.0 - intern stik ¦ 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 - intern stik ¦ 1 x seriel - intern stik ¦ 1 x SPDIF ud - intern stik ¦ 1 x audio - intern stik
Strømkontakter:24-pin hovedstrøm-konnektor, 8-pin ATX12V-kontakt
BIOS-type (Basic Input/Output System):AMI
BIOS-egenskaber:Flersproget BIOS, ASUS Quiet Thermal Solution, UEFI BIOS, ASUS EZ Flash 3, ACPI 6,1 support, SMBIOS 3,1 support
Sov/ Vågn:Aktivering af LAN (wake on LAN = WOL), vågn på PME
Hardware egenskaber:ASUS Q-Design, ESD Guards, Q-DIMM, ASUS EZ DIY, Q-Slot, CrashFree BIOS 3, 6 Phase Power Design, ASUS DIGI+ VRM, Fanless Design Heatsink, AMD CrossFireX-teknologisupport, Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE), ASUS Stainless Steel Back I/O, ASUS Fan Xpert 2+, TUF LANGuard, ASUS Overvoltage Protection, TUF Components, AURA RGB Lighting Control, ASUS SafeSlot, ASUS TUF Protection, AMD StoreMI technology, TUF Gaming Armor
Udstyr inkluderet:1 x M.2 skrue, I/O-bagdække, TUF-mærkater
Medfølgende ledninger:2 x Seriel ATA kabel
Med software:Drivers & Utilities, ASUS AI Charger, ASUS AI Suite III, PC Cleaner
Bredde:24.4 cm
Dybde:24.4 cm
Service & Support:Begrænset garanti - 3 år
TUF Gaming motherboards are specially designed and tested to survive and thrive in conditions where other boards would struggle. Engineered with highly durable components, these motherboards deliver unwavering stability for gaming sessions that last as long as you demand.
System temperatures are key to a stable gaming rig - especially GPU temperatures. TUF Gaming motherboards include Fan Xpert 2+ software that's able to intelligently control system fans based upon the input of multiple sensors, including the temperature of ASUS graphics cards. This ensures that your TUF Gaming system stays perfectly cooled, no matter how long you play.
Hone your battle skills with exclusive DTS Custom onboard audio. Utilizing advanced emulation techniques to create positional cues via stereo headphones, DTS Custom takes onboard audio to a new frontier. With three presets - Aerial, Soundscape, and Tactical - for different genres, you'll have a distinct advantage in every game.
A well-tuned system deserves a matching aesthetic. ASUS Aura offers full RGB lighting control with a variety of functional presets for the built-in RGB LEDs as well as strips connected to the onboard RGB headers. And it can all be synced with an ever-growing portfolio of Aura-capable hardware.
  • GPU temperature sensing and Fan Xpert 2+: ensure every fan achieves the best balance of cooling performance and acoustics
  • TUF protection: SafeSlot, ESD Guards, DDR4 overvoltage protection, Digi+ VRM, and stainless-steel back I/O for long-term reliability
  • Military-grade TUF components: TUF LANGuard, TUF Chokes, TUF Capacitors, and TUF MOSFETs for maximum durability
  • Exclusive DTS Custom audio delivers positional cues to stereo headphones, helping you to pinpoint enemies and action
  • Aura Sync RGB: synchronize LED lighting with a vast portfolio of compatible PC gear

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